D0ntplay ‘BlUUd’, Nes Afara & Rara X ‘Ease’, Hancoq ft Manny Mula ‘Fruit’

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D0ntPlay ‘Bluud’

Following up from Debut ‘Long-time’ D0ntPlay is back with his signature dark and menacing energy and unique melodies. “You good Bluud”? bro asks over heavy 808s making for a joint that’s set to turn up the function. While very early in his ascension it’s clear the man out of Syd has a clear vision for his sound and is definitely someone to watch closely!

Nes Afara & Rara X ‘Ease’

“You know it’s all Ease”! The two brothers from West Syd coming together for the lead of their ‘Brodem’ EP that just dropped; ‘Ease’ at just under two minutes is one of those tracks you have to keep running back! The song and music video (shot by Matt Wilson), all oozing the confidence and style that’s helped the pair earn a solid rep over the last few years. If ‘Ease’ and ‘Brodem’ are anything to go by these two are set for a big 2k21.

Hancoq Ft Manny Mula ‘Fruit’

Alright, off rip Henny might have one of the most run-able projects of the year! Apart from ‘Nonsense’ this one definitely stood out. Hancoq and Manny both out of Melbourne are nice on it; Manny bringing his usual smoothness and Henny with one of the cleanest hooks on the project. It’s been a difficult year for Melbourne and this one feels like the type of track they need to cool off with in the midst of everything.

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